Pool Fun Sessions

Sundays from 1415 - 1515

Every Sunday gives you the chance to head to one of our Pool Fun Sessions. Check out the options below:


Upcoming Sessions:

  • Commando Run inflatable

Commando Run

The Commando Run is a 15 metre obstacle course designed to test your wits against another person on the opposite side. Lots of ‘splash landings’ on the way, but if you make it to the end you get chance for a proper splash landing going down the slide. Available to deep end swimmers aged 13 and under.


Waterwalkerz are an amazing, active and fun activity for those from 5 years to adults! As there is limited space, these sessions must be booked in advance and allows five minutes in the Waterwalkerz ball for each person per session. Please note, there is a max weight of 15 stone. For more information, download our Waterwalkerz agreement of use.

Dive 'N' Slide

Dive 'n' Slide into the pool with our giant inflatable slide! Available to deep end swimmers aged 13 and under.


Family Fun Session

These sessions include a mix of mats, balls, fins, snorkels & flippers. Fun for the whole family!