Health Suite

The Health Suite is located just off the poolside and has a range of luxurious facilities to help you to unwind and relax. You can get a combined Swimming and Health Suite ticket for a full fitness and revitalisation experience.


Feel the heat ease the impurities out of your body. As you sit or recline on one of the benches in the wooden slat sauna, your cardio-vascular system is stimulated, causing sweat to flow freely, carrying toxins and impurities out of your body. Afterwards you will feel cleansed and invigorated and your skin feels soft and supple. Guaranteed to relax and ease tense, tired muscles and leave you feeling revitalised.


Steam Room

Breathe easier with the steam. Working on the same principles as the sauna, the steam room raises body temperature and produces perspiration that cleans the pores of the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed. It is ideal if you prefer a wet heat. Here you will feel the thick steam stimulating you to breathe more deeply. It can be a great help to those with respiratory and sinus problems. Also great for easing tired, tense muscles.


Spa Pool

Relax and unwind in our soothing spa pool. Let the spa massage your tired muscles and wash your aches and pains away.


Check out our fantastic health suite facilities!