Adult Courses

Adult Swim Classes

These classes are designed especially for those who would like some help and advice on their swimming technique and confidence in the water. Whether you are a complete beginner or would like to improve on your swimming, we aim to help you reach your goals while helping you to feel comfortable too. The adult swim classes are delivered weekly and the course block must be booked in advance.

Adult Beginners
To introduce adults to the swimming pool environment, where they can learn the core aquatic skills & early introduction to basic stroke techniques. This is a private session held out with public swimming times.

Adult Improvers
To introduce more advanced stroke techniques across numerous strokes, to aid swimming competence across further distances. This is a private session held out with public swimming times.

As well as the adult swim classes, we also offer Skills & Drills, Masters Swim and Power Swim which are coached swimming classes that run as part of our Group X classes.

Adult Tap

Adult Beginner 
Come and have fun learning the basics of tap! You’ll learn exercises from the IDTA syllabus, as well as learning dance routines to musicals! 

Adult Grade 1 
This class involves progressing on the beginner steps you learnt, becoming more advance learning the grade 1 syllabus and using those steps in dance routines to musicals!

All Grades follow the IDTA (International Dance Teacher’s Association) syllabus and a class plan for the term. Please note that prior experience is not always necessary for higher grades. Please contact the Picky for more information or speak to Charley after class.


1-2-1 Adult Session
1-2-1 sessions gives climbers the confidence and skills they need to become a competent climber.

50+ Climbing Course 
Indoor Climbing is a great way to stay fit and improve health in a fun, relaxed and social environment. This class runs during term time on Wednesdays from 1000 - 1100. Email our Courses Team with enquiries or to book your space.