Admission Policy

For the safety and enjoyment of our customers we have a strict admissions policy which we ask you to familiarise yourself with prior to visiting the pool.

  • All children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult (over 16 years) at all times.
  • The supervising adult must maintain close contact and provide constant supervision of the child – this includes the village changing area and the toilets.
  • Weak and non-swimmers are restricted to the Leisure Pool and shallow water in the Main Pool.
  • The supervising adult must stay within their comfortable standing depth.


Adult To Child Admission Ratios:

All 4 – 7 year-olds must wear a highly visible wrist band while in the pool and village changing area. Please ensure you pick up a wrist band for your child (children) at the main Reception.

0 – 3 Years

One adult: one child with or without armbands.

One adult: two children with armbands.

4 – 7 Years

One adult: two children with or without armbands.

Mixed Ages

One adult: one child 0 – 3 years wearing arm bands and one 4 – 7 year old.

If the supervising adult fails to consistently fulfil his or her responsibilities in relation to the Admissions Policy, staff will ask the whole family or group to leave the pool.