Accessibility & Poolpod

Our aim is to ensure that our swimming pool is accessible for all, with a private Access Changing Room complimented with additional Family/Access cubicles enabling customers to get changed in comfort and with the necessary equipment required to carry out any safe transfers of customers in the changing areas and then into the pools.

The new submersible pool lift, ‘Poolpod’, will help us to achieve this. Funded by the Scottish Government’s and sportscotland’s Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund, NHS Endowment Fund and The Pickaquoy Centre, the Poolpod provides dignified, independent access and is designed for any swimmer who uses a wheelchair, has reduced mobility or finds using steps inappropriate.

Customer Friendly

The Poolpod comes with a submersible wheelchair which allows the transfer from their own wheelchair to the submersible wheelchair in the privacy of the changing room. For those who require assistance getting into the wheelchair, we also have a pool hoist to allow this transfer. Customers may, alternatively, remain standing while they descend to a comfortable water depth.

The Poolpod takes approximitely 20 seconds to lower to a 0.9m depth.

To watch a short video clip of the Poolpod in use, see below.


Is there a weight restriction for the Poolpod?
39 stone/250kg

Will there always be a member of staff available to assist?
Yes, if required.

Do I need to make arrangements to use the Poolpod with the Centre beforehand?

Is there a poolside wheelchair?
Yes, there will be two submersible wheelchairs available, located in the access changing room.

Can I use my own wheelchair for the Poolpod?
No, the submersible wheelchair is specially adapted for the Poolpod.

How do I get from my wheelchair to the submersible wheelchair?
With the assistance of a carer this should be achievable, however if further assistance is required then please contact Reception.

I may require the use of a hoist in the access changing room?
We have purchased a new portable electric hoist which will allow transfer from a wheelchair to the other facilities provided in the access changing room. Please note that the hoist should be requested on arrival and may only be used by a suitably trained carer.

Is there a weight restriction on the access changing room hoist?
35 stone/227kg.

How do I get in and out of the water?
You will receive assistance by a Lifeguard who will ensure you get in the pool safely.

What happens if I want to use the Poolpod when there is lane swimming taking place next to the pod?
The Lifeguard will take control of this situation for you.

How long does the Poolpod take to lower in the pool?
20 seconds to lower to a 0.9m depth.

Access Changing Room 
The access changing room is a large shower room including a height adjustable showering seat, poolpod wheelchair and height adjustable shower trolley and hoist.

Family/Accessible Changing Rooms
The Family/Accessible changing rooms offer a large sized, spacious changing room with a secure play pen and a baby changing unit.