Our Commitment to the Environment

What is the Picky doing to be GREENER?

  • We are now serving paper straws in the Picky Cafe instead of single use plastic straws.
  • We have replaced our burger and chips takeaway containers with bagasse, an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene.
  • We have replaced take away plastic cutlery with eco-friendly burchwood cutlery.
  • We have added more water stations throughout the Centre so our customers can refill their own water bottles.
  • We encourage customers to bring in their own takeaway cups to the Picky Cafe and will happily serve coffee if requested.
  • We will be selling reusable take-away coffee cups for customers that forget to bring theirs in in the near future.
  • There are a number of recycling points throughout the Centre for our customers.
  • The Centre recycles plastic bottles, cans, paper, cardboard and batteries.
  • We use LED light bulbs throughout the Centre.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and will continue to make positive changes where we can. If you have suggestions on areas that you feel could be improved, please email us.