The Gym

We have the equipment and expertise to cater for every individuals need, whether it is a rigorous workout regime or a gentle exercise programme.

Within The Gym you will find a comprehensive range of the latest user-friendly Technogym equipment. The new and impressive cardiovascular equipment offers the most up to date range of on-board entertainment systems and a vast array of pre-programmed workouts. The resistance equipment is very user friendly; both are designed to improve all aspects of your fitness.

Friendly, dedicated and motivated are just a few of the words that describe our fitness team. Our fitness team will be on hand to guide you in the right direction to help you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your age, ability, shape and size. You will be able to enjoy your workout in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that offers a great range of cardio, resistance and free weights area.


The Gym Standard
Gym Session (includes Strength & Conditioning) £6.45
Junior Session (14-15yrs) £3.50
Body Composition Analysis (BCA) £10.00
Personalised Gym Programme £30.00
Personalised Gym Programme & BCA £35.00

Personalised Gym Programme

A personalised gym programme consists of tailor-made workouts designed specifically to your abilities, needs and goals. You will be required to have completed a pre-exercise health questionnaire and consent form prior to the appointment. 

A personalised gym programme is booked directly through one of the fitness advisors (please see website or contact reception for fitness advisors contact details). You will be invited in for a free 30min consultation by the fitness advisors to discuss your programme and then a suitable time will be organised for you to revisit to go through your programme in detail.

You will access and record all your workouts on the NEW Pickaquoy Training app (programmes are also available to print). Your fitness advisors will be there to support you throughout your health and fitness journey.

Body Composition Analysis

A Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is a great way to track fat percentage, muscle mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and fat free mass. A BCA takes less than 2 minutes and is non-invasive. The BCA focuses on actual fat mass rather than total body weight.

All BCA appointments must be booked directly through a fitness advisor. It is required that you follow strict guidelines before the appointment to ensure the results are as accurate as possible. These will be explained you by the fitness advisor when you make the appointment.

At the time of the appointment you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and stand on the BCA machine platform. You are advised to wear one layer of light clothing.

Our Fitness Advisors will discuss your results in detail explaining each of the elements of the test and will instruct on ways to improve your results.

A BCA is a brilliant way to monitor your training goals. Click here to download a copy of the BCA pre-test guidelines.


Inductions are compulsory when wishing to use our gym. These are complimentary to anyone with an ActiveLife membership and LeisureLink card or are included in a gym entry fee for non-members. Inductions can be booked at reception or in the gym. The fitness advisor will explain and demonstrate the use of resistance and cardiovascular gym equipment, as well as the use of the strength & conditioning functional training area, as per the customer’s needs.

Gym inductions will take up to 1 hour depending on your experience of gyms. When attending a gym induction please take water, wear loose comfortable clothing and clean indoor trainers. You will be required to read and agree to the Gym's terms and conditions of use, please bring reading glasses if needed.

Junior Inductions

Junior inductions are available to anyone 14 and 15 years of age. These can be booked at reception or in the gym and are complimentary to anyone with an ActiveLife membership and LeisureLink card or are included in a gym entry fee for non-members. It is a two part induction process which gives you access to all of our cardiovascular training equipment plus limited resistance equipment. A pre-exercise health questionnaire must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and brought to the induction appointment before the appointment can be completed.

Junior users can use the gym unsupervised as follows:

Monday - Friday 6:30am - 5:30pm  
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 3:30pm  


Junior users can use the gym out with these hours when accompanied by a supervising parent or guardian aged 18 and over who has completed their own induction. The supervising person must be identified to reception prior to the junior user visiting the gym.

We operate a 6-hour cancellation policy for inductions. If you do not notify us of a cancellation at least 6 hours in advance, then you will be charged the full fee at your next visit.

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