What is Coach By Color?

Friday, November 6, 2020

We've talked a lot about Coach By Color® since bringing in the new indoor cycling bikes at the start of 2020, but what exactly is it? Read below for a simple step-by-step guide to the class:

What is Coach By Color?

Coach By Color® brings a simple and intuitive form of communication to group cycling to improve the riders experience and achieve their fitness results in less time. The Coach By Color® power programme combines accurate zonal training with stimulating colour to help coach member's efforts during the class.

1) Download the App

To improve the Coach by Color class experience, download the new ICG Training app here.

2) Create an account

Once you have downloaded the app, create an account and update the 'About Me' settings with your weight, age, gender and perceived cycling fitness level OR input your last FTP result (only possible if you have completed an FTP test). Completing an FTP (Functional Threshold power) test will ensure you are working at your fitness ability so it is definitely worthwhile completing one.

You can join David, one of our cycle instructors, on Sunday 8th Nov 0930 or Sunday 22nd 0930 where he will guide you through the test. It is suitable for all abilities. Don't worry, you can still attend the class if you have not completed an FTP test.

With all the data as accurate as possible input into the app, you are ready to GO!

3) Set up your bike

Set yourself up on the ICG bike and gently start pedaling, this will turn on the computer.

Open the app and click 'connect now', then select your bike number (located at the top of the computer.) Once connected simply press the record button (circle at the bottom of the screen). On the computer select 'Power Training', 'NO' for HR monitor and then Color Mode 'ON' (optional).

If you have not completed your FTP or wish to put it in manually please select your gender, weight and perceived cycling fitness ability. You will then be taken to the DISCLAIMER - please read this and only when instructed by the instructor should you press the tick.

4) Enjoy the ride

That's you set up. The instructor will then take you through an exciting cycle class that will not only be relevant to your fitness level but it will leave you feeling fantastic!

Check out the Group X timetable to find out when Coach By Color® is on each week.