Two new trustee appointments for Picky

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Pickaquoy Centre is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to the Board of Trustees.

Aly McInulty and Beccy May are both regular users of the Centre, and will bring a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to the trust.

John Ross Scott, who chaired the interview panel, said: “We were impressed by the field of candidates who came forward and in the end it was Aly and Beccy who really shone.

“In Aly we have someone with a clear and positive understanding of equality and diversity on a scale I have not seen before, and in Beccy someone immersed in the local arts and sports scene who also has an involvement in the 2025 Island Games.

“I am sure they will both be huge assets to the Pickaquoy Centre Trust in the years ahead.”

Aly McInulty is passionate about health and fitness and attends the centre regularly throughout the week. In addition, his experience in a number of senior leadership roles such as being a key part in leading the covid recovery response for Lloyds Banking Group’s 2200+ branch network so that branches can safely open, gives him a unique skillset that will transfer to his role as a Picky trustee.

He said: “I am very excited and immensely proud to join the Picky board of trustees. I have been on my own health and fitness journey and it is a huge part of my life, so I felt this was naturally a good fit.

“I’ve also been involved with a number of charities such as Waverly Care and chair the Lloyds Banking Groups colleague cross network forum in Scotland which looks after 20,000+ colleagues. I felt the trustee role would be a great fit for something that I feel so passionate about in Orkney, and that will utilise my leadership skills and experience.”

With vast experience in business management, sports and the arts sector, Beccy brings with her experiences that cover a range of vital services to the Picky trust.

She commented: “I am absolutely delighted to have been selected to join the team on the Picky board of trustees. I hope that my years of experience across business, sports and the arts in Orkney prove useful, especially as we see ourselves emerging from the last difficult period and looking forward to more normal times ahead.

“I think we’ve all learned the value of Picky over the last year or so. Its importance to our community in helping us maintain and improve our physical and mental health, from fitness and sports, right through to the arts, cannot be underestimated.”

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