Picky supports local athletes through their sponsorship programme

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Pickaquoy Centre Trust has selected ten athletes to support through the Picky Sponsorship Programme with a free annual ActiveLife membership.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the programme was on hold for a year with successful athletes who applied in 2020 now able to commence sponsorship.

The ten recipients are:

  • Nicola Croy - Football
  • Jo Donaldson – Cycling
  • Erika Marwick – Athletics
  • Charlene Nicolson – Rugby
  • Rebecca Reid – Badminton
  • Paul Scott – Badminton
  • William Sichel – Ultra-running
  • Taylah Spence – Athletics
  • Tegan Spence – Athletics
  • Maggie Tait – Fencing

The programme awards selected athletes an ActiveLife membership for 12 months, giving them unlimited access to The Pickaquoy Centre and all 11 Council owned leisure facilities across the islands.

James Linklater, Managing Director of The Pickaquoy Centre, said: “Athletes have had a challenging year caused by the pandemic. With the cancellation of competitions, races and contact sport training, they have all had to find creative ways to stay motivated.

“We have been very lucky that our facility has been able to remain open since November, albeit with limited services. Fortunately with access to the Gyms, swimming pool, single court activity and our athletics track, many athletes have been able to resume their training to a certain extent.

“We are delighted that we have been able to restart the sponsorship programme and support these ten athletes. As training and competitions hopefully return to a more normal level throughout the year, we look forward to working closely with these individuals as they continue their journeys toward success.”

Willie Stewart, trustee of The Pickaquoy Centre Trust, said: “The Picky Centre is an excellent facility, and we very much look forward to the time when all services can resume.

“Many athletes across Orkney have had to completely change the way they train this past year, so it will be great to see them able to use the facility in the way that they feel is best to achieve their sports goals and fitness levels.

“Access to the numerous Picky facilities is a fantastic way to complement any training programme, whether athletes compete individually or as part of a team.”

Follow The Pickaquoy Centre social media channels for updates on the sponsored recipients throughout the coming year.