Picky Sponsorship Blog Series - Tegan Spence

Monday, March 9, 2020

Name: Tegan Spence
Age: 17
Sport: Athletics

I’ve been running since I was nine-years-old.

I’ve always loved running and enjoy the buzz I get out of it while pushing my body to its limits during training and competing - especially against our Shetland rivals!

I’ve been so lucky to be part of Orkney Athletics Club with the coaches I have had. Tough sessions are that peedie bit easier when you have a friendly and hardworking training group with a coach to keep pushing you on. I’ve looked up to coaches and elder athletes within the club as I’ve grown up, including my sister Taylah.

One of my highlights from 2019 is when I exceeded my expectations in the 400m heat and final in Gibraltar, and being part of the medaling 4x400m relay team with the lasses. This was to be my last competition of 2019 as I was unable to compete at the National Championships due to a chest infection.

I’ve also made so many great pals and memories, not only from Orkney but from Shetland, Western Isles and other islands too, through competing in the Island Games.

Athletics is one of the things that has made me mentally stronger as a person - there were thoughts in the past 2-3 years of having to take a break from the sport as I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety. It took the enjoyment of competing completely away from me to the extent that I was sick before racing!

However, with the right support, I’m so grateful that I’ve never let it stop me and glad to say that I’ve now overcome that, which I never thought would be possible to do at the time.

I hope I can show folk who do struggle with their own issues to never give up on the things they love doing as there is light at the end of the tunnel. And to show people that if you’re determined and committed, you can get wherever you want to be.

I train six days a week - two of the days twice a day, and five days training at Picky. This consists of track sessions 3-4 times a week and weight sessions twice a week in the gym, both which include technical and recovery sessions. This also includes hill sprints and a Yesnaby run within the week.

I feel satisfied seeing progress throughout training, as well as looking back at every session, being able to say that I’ve given it everything.

In order to train my best, I must make sure I sleep plenty and eat healthy, preventing me from getting injured or run down.

Training isn’t just a hobby, but a way of life to me. It helps me keep a clear head and maintain my lifetime goals and ambitions that I hope to pursue.

I’ve always trained at Picky and would be lost without the fantastic facility – I have everything I need which enables me to train efficiently for my development needs, and I feel very fortunate that I’d been selected for a Picky Sponsorship.