Improved lighting in cinema

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Following a successful first phase to install LED lighting units across the facility, The Pickaquoy Centre is now in its second and final phase to make the building more energy efficient.

The Phoenix Cinema will be the next major area of the Centre to receive the new lamps with both phases of the project being carried out by local contractor R S Merriman Ltd.

Due to the size of the area and the programming of lights required, the cinema will be closed from Monday 25 October to Wednesday 3 November inclusive.

Other areas that are included in phase two are the Quayside Studio and both gyms, however we will aim to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Calvin Reid, Operations Manager at Picky, said: “We are pleased with how Merriman’s have worked with us during both phases of the project to keep disruption for customers to a minimum.

“We understand that the closure of the cinema is disappointing but have tried to schedule it during a quieter period after the October mid-term break finishes and before the festive season begins.

“The LED lights are much more energy efficient and better for the environment, so the long-term benefits of this project far outweigh the short-term closure.

“On behalf of all at The Pickaquoy Centre, I would like to thank the public for their ongoing patience and understanding.”