Annual General Meeting - The Pickaquoy Centre Trust 2021

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Pickaquoy Centre Trust’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was recently held on Wednesday, 14 July.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting took place virtually via Microsoft Teams and included a presentation of the Financial Accounts from 2020/21.

In addition, the formal adoption of two new trustee appointments, Aly McInulty and Beccy May, took place.

Stephen Kemp, chairman of The Pickaquoy Centre Trust, said: “The arrival of Covid-19 created an incredibly difficult situation for many organisations across the country. The ability to provide services was extremely constrained, and income from membership and sales revenue dropped dramatically as a result.

“In the face of these challenges, the astute management and dynamic effort from the Picky staff enabled us to create an adapted service offering that has received great feedback from our customers.

“The Pickaquoy Centre Trust also saw around £1 million of support funds through the success of a multitude of external funding applications that has allowed us to independently offer the high level of services and products currently available.

“Despite the extremely difficult operating conditions, the cash position of the Trust at year-end is very positive. We remain optimistic that our services will continue to expand with a view to enhancing our product offering as we go forward.

“We will continue to work closely with Orkney Islands Council to ensure the strategic development of services and facilities remains a focus, and I wish to extend my personal thanks to OIC for their continued positive support throughout the global pandemic.

“I would also like to sincerely thank the Trust’s staff who have continued to work hard and have provided exemplary service to our customers throughout this year, when so many have endured so much personal hardship.”