Picky July Challenge - Your chance to win a £50 voucher

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Picky's July Challenge

Since we are unable to offer our Swim Challenges and Gym Challenges at the moment, we thought we would do something different for the month of July. Choose a distance from the options below and walk, run or cycle the miles to reach your goal. If you want to combine more than one discipline, that's fine too. 

All participants get entered into a drawing for a £50 voucher to Picky just for taking part! 

To be eligible, you must enter your total mileage each week through the form on this page.

Stay Social Online:

Please submit your mileage at the end of each week using the form on this page. Each participant that takes part gets entered into a random drawing with the chance of winning a £50 voucher to Picky. There will be two drawings - one for the Peedie Picky Challenge and another for the Picky Challenge.

Stay Social Online:

Let us know how you're doing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag us in your posts @pickyorkney and use the hashtag #PickyChallenges. 

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You can also join the Picky Challenges Strava Group, and encourage your friends to keep going - find the group through the following link:

Peedie Picky Challenge (up to age 11):

  • Moaness to Rackwick – 6 miles
  • Stromness to Kirkwall – 15 miles
  • Stromness to St Margaret’s Hope – 30 miles
  • Broch of Gurness to Skara Brae to Tomb of the Eagles - 51 miles

Picky Challenge:

  • Stromness to St Margaret’s Hope – 30 miles
  • Birsay to Burwick – 40 miles
  • St Magnus Way – 55 miles
  • Thurso to Inverness - 110
  • Kirkwall to Lerwick - 120 miles
  • Around the edge of Mainland Orkney: 155 miles
  • Length of Scotland (Cape Wrath to Mull of Galloway) - 275 miles 

Orkney Beach Hunt – 86 miles total

  • Sands of Wright To Dingieshowe – 15 miles
  • Dingieshowe to Scapa – 9 miles
  • Scapa to Brough of Birsay – 21 miles
  • Brough of Birsay to Skaill – 8 miles
  • Skaill to Warebeth – 9 miles
  • Warebeth to Waulkmill Bay – 13 miles
  • Waulkmill Bay to Inganess – 11 miles