Picky introduces Phoenix Cinema discount for ActiveLife members

Monday, September 13, 2021

For the first time ActiveLife members will be able to enjoy a discount to The Phoenix Cinema included with their membership.

From 1st October, anyone with a family or individual ActiveLife membership will receive a 20% discount on admission to the cinema.
This includes adults, children and concession prices at both the standard rate and weekday before 5pm rate. Event cinema rates will also be included in this discount.

James Linklater, Managing Director of The Pickaquoy Centre Trust said: “We are delighted we can now offer this added benefit to our membership.

“ActiveLife offers access to a wide array of activities at Picky and 11 Council-owned fitness facilities, and with the cinema discount now included, members will get even more value out their membership.

“The pandemic brought on many challenges for all of us these past 18 months, but the level of support we have received from the public has been exceptional and we wanted to find a way to give something back to our loyal customers to say thank you.

“It’s been additionally challenging with the cinema as until recently, friends couldn’t attend together. Now that physical distancing isn’t legally required, we have been able to open the cinema at a much higher capacity.

“Our cinema programme is nearly back to what it was pre-covid with a full range of new releases, blockbusters and independent films that offer something for everyone.

“As always, if you have any feedback you’d like to offer about any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.”

The cinema discount will initially be offered on a trial basis for 12 months and reviewed thereafter.

For more information on ActiveLife, or to sign up, visit the ActiveLife memberships page.