Personal Training

Each of our Personal Trainers are certified with a wealth of fitness, health and wellbeing knowledge, and hold the skill and ability to design and deliver safe and effective one-to-one training and personalised training programmes.

Looking for the right Personal Trainer for you? Read about each of our highly trained and experienced PT's below. Would you like to book an appointment or get more information? Email the Personal Trainer direct, or call us on 01856 879900 to book an appointment.


Personal Training Standard
Single Session £30.00
Block of 5 Single Sessions £125.00
Partner Session £40.00
Block of 5 Partner Sessions £170.00

Craig Drever

With a passion for reaching and maintaining goals, I would like to work with you to achieve yours.

Through 20 years experience of solo and team sports, I understand that every fitness ambition is a personal one. Whether this is the introduction to a healthier you, or the push you need to gain the desired sporting performance, we will work together to create an individually tailored programme based around your needs.

Accomplishing goals and sustaining fitness is both fun and rewarding, so come along and shape your future.

Credentials: REPS level 3 personal trainer, level 2 fitness instructor, circuit instructor and level 3 exercise referral

Specialities: Football, golf, trail running, HIIT, weight training

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Ben Eyre

I believe that Personal Training isn’t always just about looking better, but should be about feeling, moving and performing better in day to day life. Approximately one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and exercise is one of the most effective but underutilised ways to improve mental health.

Therefore, I focus not just on aesthetic results, but also improving mental well-being, confidence and self-esteem. Exercise should be enjoyable and fun, as well as being challenging, this is why I like to incorporate all of these elements into training sessions, to ensure all clients gain the maximum benefits (whilst having a few laughs along the way).

Credentials: level 2 fitness instructor, level 3 diploma in personal training, qualification in biomechanics of the body (focused on the posterior chain) from Gray Institute, level 1 rugby qualification and level 2 cricket qualification

Specialities: Weight loss journeys, functional training and mental health

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