Reminder of Covid-19 Safety Measures at Picky

Friday, December 17, 2021

We would like to reiterate to the public that we are continuing to follow Scottish Government and governing bodies guidance around Covid-19.

We continue to prioritise public safety at this challenging time and would like to remind you of the safety measures we have in place.

  • We encourage physical distancing be maintained throughout the Centre where possible.
  • Masks should be worn when in transition within the facility. You can take your mask off when exercising or eating/drinking at the cinema.
  • Ventilation is on at all times across the Centre.
  • Centre staff are regularly cleaning all high traffic areas and touchpoints.
  • Electro-static cleaning of all areas in Centre will continue to be done weekly to support daily cleaning of areas.
  • There are hand sanitizing stations located throughout the building. We encourage you to use these before and after any use of equipment or when visiting the centre.
  • There are permanant cleaning stations available at Jungle World, Group X and the Gyms.
  • The Centre has a Covid isolation room in the building in case of anyone getting Covid symptoms whilst on the premises.
  • Staff are encouraged to test daily and we have recently become a distributor of rapid lateral flow test kits for staff and public to access.
  • Operational staff will ensure that any bottlenecking/congregation is managed and we have a number of quick ticket machines to save queuing at reception.
  • Members are encouraged to book online ahead of their visit to save time queuing or needing to use quick ticket machines.
  • Group X class sizes have been reduced to allow physical distancing.
  • Inflatable sessions will have increased cleaning stations in place along with physically distanced seating available.
  • Within the cinema, our projectionists will look to add additional physical distanced seating where possible. If you have concerns where your seat is, please speak to a member of staff.

We would encourage all members of the public to take a later flow test before you visit to the Centre to help minimise the spread of the virus.

Our website lists our current Covid-19 FAQ’s, please refamiliarise yourself before your visit if you have any concerns Covid-19 FAQs.

We will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email us.