Raymond Mearns in Everybody Hates Raymond
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120 minutes



Saturday 12 September: 2000

We can't just be ourselves anymore! We have to be something else or something different for everybody else, no wonder we're anxious, confused and depressed all the time!

Information on what to wear, how to act, how to feel, what to say, how to think, who to be and where to go is bombarding us 24 hours a day and it's driving us nuts but Raymond has the antidote - be who-ever and whatever you like and suit yourself!

It’s time to take back control: Of yourself! Get up, stand on your own two feet and get on with your life! Oh! and while you’re at it, stop whining, it’s getting on everybody’s nerves!

This is the ultimate self-help comedy show that teaches you one simple truth in a hilarious way but, if you want to know what that truth is, then you just have to come along and see this great new show from one of Scotland's finest live stand-up comedians.

As seen on “Limmy’s show” and BBC Scotland’s “Breaking the News”. Raymond Mearns is regarded as one of the very best live stand-up comedians in the country. He’s a regular at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe every year where he combines great story telling with finely crafted gags and razor sharp improvisation, and now he’s coming to Orkney!


Tickets cost £14
Ages 18+
Doors open 1930, show starts at 2000

I Loved watching him” Kevin Bridges

A personality so huge it fills the room” - The List

A man who knows how to swear properly” – Billy Connolly

"A Genuine Improvisational Genius” – Frankie Boyle

A Genuinely Charismatic and Funny Entertainer” – The Metro

Enjoyable & Cathartic” – The Skinny

Exceptionally Funny and Cathartic” – The Scotsman

A Comedy masterclass” – Edinburgh Evening News

Great Hilarity Ensued, a brilliant event” – The Shetland Times

Scottish accents sound charming” – Time Out New York

A voice of the People” – The Metro